A few Safety Tips to think about while you are off and adventuring!

Safety Tips


  • Stay hydrated!

It is important to carry lots of water and healthy snacks when playing outside. No matter how long the adventure, pack a water bottle, hydration pack and sack full of nutritious, energy-filled goodies.

  • Be aware of the sun.

Be aware of the sun when outdoors by dressing your kids in a sun hat, sunglasses and/or sunscreen!

  • Put your best foot forward.

Walking on a trail or running through the grass, always make sure to have appropriate footwear and be aware of where you are stepping.

  • Rain, Snow or Shine!

Thunder Bay can be very cold, very warm and so beautiful, dress appropriately for the season.  Dress with suitable clothing layers (rain, cold, sun) and check the weather before you go.

  • Plan Ahead and Know Your Environment.

The Big Boreal Adventure website helps you with this, make sure you know a bit about where you are going before you get there and plan accordingly!