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Welcome to the wonderful world of GEOCACHING!

Have you ever wanted to look for hidden treasure?

Well here is your chance! Geocaching is like a high-tech Treasure Hunt and Now - there are many Geocache sites within the Big Boreal Adventure - and soon there will be more!


What is Geocaching?

Geocaching: 'Geo' Representing that the coordinates for these caches are international and the caches are hidden all over the world; 'Cache' standing literally for - a hidden treasure.

Geocaching is a worldwide game in with someone hides a cache - could be a small or large cache - and then posts the GPS coordinates on the internet.  From here - anyone can take the coordinates to use and go out and find the cache. The only rule is: if you Take Something, Leave Something of equal value behind... AND Please Sign the Logbook!

With The Big Boreal Adventure - we have posted the coordinates but we have ALSO created compass-directions for those who may not have access to a GPS.  You can find these directions in our 2011/2012 (and newer) Guidebooks - which you can get for FREE at any of our regular distribution points.


Sites that have Caches:
Official Geocache Box