Where can I get the Guidebook & Map?

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What is the Big Boreal Adventure?

The Big Boreal Adventure is a free, nature-based scavenger hunt in Thunder Bay, designed to get people outside, exploring the city. A guidebook is available to launch the search for 30 special sites dotted throughout Thunder Bay’s natural spaces. Re-visit your favourite green spaces and discover new ones at your own pace. The Big Boreal Adventure is accessible for all ages.


What is a Geocache?

Definition: Geo: Representing the global aspect of this worldwide game; Cache: meaning hidden treasure.

Geocaching is a worldwide game in with someone hides a cache - could be a small or large cache - and then posts the GPS coordinates on the internet.  From here - anyone can take the coordinates to use and go out and find the cache. The only rule is: if you Take Something, Leave Something of equal value behind... AND Please Sign the Logbook!