Cowan Park

Cowan Park - Coppin Road

Look at the shrubby plany with the leathery leaves.  The top should be green and the bottom should look orange and feel fuzzy.  This is labrador tea! It was and still is a common drink that Aboriginal people enjoyed with many meals.  This plany also has an evil twin, a similar looking plant called bog laurel that is very toxic!



  • Follow the Cowan Park trail to the pond.
  • Turn right when you get to the pond.
  • Follow the trail to the end on the other side of the pond.
  • Find the only post hidden amoung the Labrador tea.


If you have a GPS - the post site is: 48 18 21.8966N, 89 20 43.5152W


Clue: Follow the Cowan Park trail to the pond.  Take the trail to the right of the lake all the way around to the other side.  Find the second post hidden among the Labrador tea.


Artwork By: Lea Hayes